led flood lights Characteristics and advantages

LED spotlight using 38 individual diodes for p...
LED spotlight using 38 individual diodes for powering from mains voltage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is the ideal light source to replace traditional light sources, LED Spotlights The advantage of the decision, there will be a wide range of uses

Characteristics and advantages

LED energy-saving lamps are generally less heat, no mercury and xenon and other
.  Harmful elements conducive to recovery and secondary use

          The outer cover of the aluminum alloy shell and plastic high light transmittance ensures good heat  properties for LED spotlight lamp and the lamp which can work for a long time constant. Adoption of advanced packaging technology to improve the Performance of this light
  The green Floodlights LED emits no ultraviolet and infrared radiation

   No radiation, the effect of light is soft, no flicker, you can start is often a truly green Lighting

Low power consumption (single tube 0.05W). Floods energy

 LED lights are close to 30%, LED projector save 30% -40% more energy-efficient
Traditional energy lighting and installation flexibility durability and reliability
Energy efficient Low-voltage driving

On life, good seismic performance, anti-dust performance is strong  LED lights consume  low power, voltage and current requirement, low calorie light emitting less heat, no security risks, high safety factor

LED 's long life, light emitting time of up to 5 million hours

The LED light can give in only one direction, which makes him an ideal light source for high-energy Scouts lamp  

  Jobs lamp LED spotlight
Comfort -
The color of the light emitted from the lamp Searchlight is very close to natural light. The reflection of light on the surface of the wall would not be very bright on the eyes
    Intense light -
Can the central beam of light that helps to give priority to the articles or space that you want to emphasize, and thus create the effect of a clear ornament

The provision of electricity -
Under the reflection of light from the lamp LED spotlight with a strong refraction capabilities With the energy of 10W, can generate strong illumination beam
   Multiple variables -
Users can adopt the small bulbs to make a different projection effect
LED Floodlight

 LED Floodlight Applications
Advertising signs, architectural lighting, wide pan, tennis courts, car parks, stadiums, piers, parks, Trees


Enabled the use of LED spotlight lamp in the replacement of traditional lamp Searchlight and can be used in offices, factories, shops, hospitals, hotels and dining halls, subways, schools, libraries and other public places

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Uses LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights are Countless uses compared to other conventional lamps they are true Revolutionizing this field. They are used in the famous museums and the World such as art museums, it gives bright light and attractive it is Doing its part in attracting people's attention towards the target Thing.

The floodlights are well known to the people watching live Sports  at night, such as football, Basketball and other mathematics . Where it was previously used for traditional Halogen lamps to illuminate the places greater, but nowadays due to the Advancement in technology  LED flood Lights are used. It is used for different purposes and they come in different Sizes

Many of us get upset severity of the heat emitted by Ordinary bulbs, especially if those bulbs in the place closed., But LED Flood Lights addressed that problem because they emit little heat so than Incandescent light other traditional. It keeps the place cool by emitting a Small amount just from the heat.

Using LED Flood Lights also in the outdoors, such as Construction sites for construction workers can construct buildings during the Night.

Can also be used to illuminate homes interface and protect It from theft. Can put LED Flood Lights in the garden to add an aesthetic touch To it .  Most often people use these Lights in the landscapes, gardens and the main gate of the house. If different Colored lights are used in different places, it is easy to decorate the house Using LED flood lights.

Most people think that LED Flood Lights can be used only for Bigger places but have a variety of uses in the home and elsewhere. With a Variety of features, which we will address them in future articles so became LED Flood Lights are famous all over the world ...

LED Flood Lights Introduction

Welcome to the first article about LED Flood Lights :-

In the last year or nearly increased the popularity of led flood lights as well as it significantly more durable than conventional bulbs are cost-effective. They also feature wonderful new designs.

- But with a lot of different species and the variety of http://www.ledflood-lights.com/ available are difficult to choose the right for you from them . So we will help you to choose the appropriate.

-Now I will enumerate some information about LED Flood Lights .

1 - The light emitted by them and transmitted in the Directional and focused This is much better for you to use in place of the spot Or security lights outdoors.

2 - Many manufacturers have made ​​a great effort in the Manufacture of LED Flood Lights with light colors assorted despite the fact that Blue light is common.

3 - When the following LED lights actually discover it does Not radiate heat As a result, they are able to use less energy.

Anyone who wants to create a wonderful environment in their Garden today and then use the LED flood lights should be seriously considered As well as helping to create an atmosphere so much more friendly and warming Use these lights can help reduce how much you spend on your electricity each Month., it is better to learn before purchase from different manufacturers for LED Flood Lights.

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